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Formation of a Cyprus Company

The establishment of a Cyprus company may, if structured correctly, offer a tax efficient way for businessmen around the world to conduct their business internationally. Below you may  find a list of advantages which should be taken into consideration and which will assist you in determining whether a Cyprus company is in fact the ideal corporate structure for your business: Advantages of a Cyprus Company: 1. The incorporation of a Cyprus company allows businessmen to carry out their business activities in Cyprus and abroad at a very low corporate tax rate of 12.5% (among the lowest rates within the EU). 2. The registration of a Cyprus company may be achieved with 100% foreign shareholders, noting that Cyprus Company Law requires that a company has as a minimum, one shareholder and one director. Corporate shareholders and/or corporate directors are permitted and they can be of any nationality, however, care should be […]

Cyprus Residency and Immigration Permits

There are a number of options available in Cyprus for residency and immigration permits for EU and non – EU nationals and these are: The Temporary Residence Permit for Third Country Nationals which can be obtained by persons in the following categories: (1) Start-up Permit: The Cyprus Startup Visa Program will allow young talented entrepreneurs, non-European Union and non-European Economic Area nationals, to reside in Cyprus and to establish, operate and develop innovative startup businesses with a good prospect of high growth, provided they meet certain criteria, which include, among other, access to capital of up to €50,000, the company’s principal office to be located in Cyprus and its management and control to be exercised in Cyprus. (2) The Long-Term Residence that can be applied for by Third Country Nationals: who apply for the acquisition, renewal or reacquisition of a long-term residence permit, who reside or who will enter the […]

EU VAT Compliance on Land Sales Around the Corner

With Cyprus possessing one of the world’s most favourable corporate tax environments, Cyprus is also known for its advantageous real estate taxation. Nevertheless, while Cyprus continues to offer great tax incentives across multiple sectors, since becoming a member of the European Union in 2004 Cyprus is subject to EU directives. In terms of land sales, Cyprus’s VAT derogation on building land sales, granted by the EU in 2004, appears to be coming to an end. Long overdue, Cyprus lawmakers are to vote on a European harmonising bill whereby 19% VAT is expected to be imposed on land sales for building and developments. What’s more the Cyprus tax authorities have drafted a circular defining ‘building land’ as undeveloped land that is clearly intended for further development.   Table 1.1: Overview of Current VAT on Cyprus Real Estate Property VAT before 1 May 2004 As a rule of thumb, property that acquired […]


An overview: A Cyprus International Trust (CIT) provides for a high level of confidentiality and a very high degree of asset protection, in that the assets settled into a CIT are sheltered against potential claims, as they are segregated from the settlor’s funds. Assets are also shielded against subsequent bankruptcy or liquidation of the settlor, or creditors’ action against the settlor or the beneficiaries, irrespective of whether the trust was set up without consideration or to the benefit of the settlor or his/her family, unless it can be proven that the CIT was set up with the intention of the settlor to defraud his creditors. The hardening period within which a claim can be brought against the trustee by a creditor is 2 years from the date of transfer of the trust property in the CIT. Another important aspect of CITs is the fact that Cyprus courts have exclusive jurisdiction […]

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