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Our aim is to consistently deliver innovative legal outcomes for our clients in an optimal manner that is also time efficient as we understand that time is of the essence in today’s business climate.

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An overview: A Cyprus International Trust (CIT) provides for a high level of confidentiality and a very high degree of asset protection, in that the assets settled into a CIT are sheltered against potential claims, as they are segregated from the settlor’s funds. Assets are also shielded against subsequent bankruptcy or liquidation of the settlor, or creditors’ action against the settlor or the beneficiaries, irrespective of whether the trust was set up without consideration or to the benefit of the settlor or his/her family, unless it can be proven that the CIT was set up with the intention of the settlor to defraud his creditors. The hardening period within which a claim can be brought against the trustee by a creditor is 2 years from the date of transfer of the trust property in the CIT. Another important aspect of CITs is the fact that Cyprus courts have exclusive jurisdiction […]


The Financial Times‘ Professional Wealth Management, in its recent study of citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes, has ranked Cyprus above other EU countries. A primary objective of the CBI Index is to identify factors which satisfactorily measure the features and desirability of CBI programmes in various jurisdictions. The factors considered in the rankings which ranked Cyprus 67th, were:  freedom of movement; standard of living; minimum investment; mandatory residency or travel requirements; timelines; ease of process; and due diligence requirements. Cyprus scored highly on the following factors: a.       8 for standard of living as it is one of the best countries to relocate to worldwide, ranking 5th best out of 23 countries worldwide (Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review) b.      9 for freedom of movement. The Cypriot passport provides free movement in 160 countries worldwide and this factor is of paramount importance for people seeking to acquire a second citizenship. c.       7 […]

Cyprus-Luxembourg setting grounds for stronger economic and commercial cooperation: Double Taxation Agreement

The Republic of Cyprus and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg signed a double taxation avoidance agreement on 8 May 2017. This is the first such agreement between the two countries (Luxembourg was one of the few European countries which Cyprus had no such agreement with) and sets a good basis for economic and commercial cooperation between the countries. It is understood, although the actual text of the agreement has not yet been made public, that the agreement is based on the OECD Model Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation on Income and Capital, it incorporates the minimum standards of the BEPS Project and includes therein the Model Convention articles on exchange of financial and other information. It is based on and incorporates the principles and reflects the provisions of the EU Directive on Parents and Subsidiaries (90/435/EC) and the EU Directive on Interest and Royalties (2003/49/EC). THE BASIC PROVISIONS. […]


European Union (EU) and non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals, to reside in Cyprus and to establish, operate and develop innovative startup businesses with a good prospect of high growth, provided they meet certain criteria. This is a great opportunity for such entrepreneurs to develop their business in a European country and acquire also the right to reside in Cyprus and also the right to bring their families with them to reside in Cyprus, subject to certain conditions set out below. Cyprus has, in recent years, been constantly moving towards upgrading the current incentives available to foreign investors but most importantly introducing new innovative programs for such investors. Coupled with other well-known benefits of Cyprus as a country, be it the safety, low professional fees, high standard of living, and the Mediterranean Sea and weather, the country is one of the most attractive business destinations. Part of the reason why Cyprus […]

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